Why Therapy Is More Than Just Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Your Story Counselling offers Individual, Couples, & Family Counselling for a variety of needs. All of our doctors have at least a master’s degree in psychotherapy, and they all employ methods and practices that are supported by research. Our therapy clinic for intern therapists provides inexpensive therapy solutions. All of the therapist interns are graduate students under the supervision of a licensed psychotherapist.
If so, you should be aware of the various therapy options you have. A type of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is now widely used by therapists (CBT). Because of this, it’s also the type of treatment that clients are most accustomed to. Many patients might even believe that when they receive therapy, they are undergoing CBT.
CBT is not the sole form of therapy, though. It might not even be the most efficient for you, depending on the type of client you are.
We’ll discuss a few of the several mental health therapy options available to you below. You can learn more about the various theories and how they might help you by reading this manual. Continue reading to discover the ideal method of treatment for your
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