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CountryUnited States
State/ProvinceNew York
CityNew York
Zip/Postal Code10001

The new USA Studios features new technology and traditional post production services powered by our state-of-the-art data processing center. Post, transcoding, and distribution services are performed by a creative and technical staff working both in-house and off-site. Many processes that formerly required hand-on operators are now accomplished by moving program data among the many computer servers performing specific production tasks.

The main data center features the capability to send and receive large amounts of media files in a timely manner. This allows for workflows where USA Studios receives program masters electronically, makes changes according to customer specs, and distributes the revised masters to any number of production partners worldwide in only a few hours. We interface with both television network production servers and cloud storage as necessary to build the customer’s desired workflow.

USA Studios’ data center and post facilities feature 100% uptime even during natural disasters. The building receives power from multiple substations, and that is backed-up by diesel generators that provide power to the entire building for an indefinite period of time. Internet data is provided by multiple data carriers, assuring uninterrupted connectivity to the Internet.

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