3.3 Lab Grown Diamond

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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings are simply engagement rings created with Lab-Grown Diamonds. These man-made diamonds are specially engineered in a highly controlled lab environment and are used in engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and other lab diamond created jewelry. Many advanced technological tools and processes are used to duplicate the conditions under which these diamonds naturally develop.

While natural diamonds form in nature in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust, lab diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are formed in a lab using the same method, however, controlled, thus, they reveal the same visual and chemical properties. The process of growing these diamonds is extremely particular, and it is this precision that ensures that lab-grown diamonds have the same glisten, sparkle, and luxuriousness as natural diamonds.

FOR MORE INFO – https://www.theartofjewels.com/build_your_own.php?step=diamonddetail&type=ring&dtype=labgrown&did=65207